Want to Know How to Keep Your Concrete Mold Free?

How a Pressure Washing Service Cleans Concrete

Before and after the washingTrying to keep concrete clean can be a big concern for most homeowners, due to the fact stained driveways and other places will make the exterior of a home look less than appealing. It’s vital to understand that concrete and cement are not one and the same thing, although most individuals tend to the two confused. Cement comes in a grey powder which is part of concrete, along with the likes of rock, water, sand, and other materials. While you could use a pressure washing service to do the work for you, or perform the work yourself, it’s always an excellent idea to regularly clean concrete.

For a light to medium build-up, try using a detergent and water mixture, or phosphoric acid and water when cleaning concrete. Phosphoric acid is made with such elements as hydrogen, phosphorous, and oxygen. It’s sometimes found in some detergents due to its ability to remove all mineral deposits and rust from most surfaces. However, for heavier build-up on concrete, using a hydrochloric acid based cleaner is more recommended, but hydrochloric acid must be handled carefully. Not only is this acid very strong, it could, believe it or not actually create rust stains when cleaning concrete, even though it is used for removing rust.

Always remember to test any cleaner you use when cleaning concrete, first try it on an area which will not be noticed. Alkaline based cleaners are normally used for removing any greasy dirt found on concrete. For instance, large areas of greasy concrete floors can be cleaned using an alkaline based floor cleanser.

Trisodium phosphate is also a solvent which can be used to remove greasy stains from concrete. Solvents are used as cleaners due to them being liquids which have properties to dissolve other substances. Mineral spirits are refined solvents which can be used as a paste to clean concrete. The paste is simply rubbed into the stain and left to cure, before rinsing it away with water. It could take a few applications to remove the whole stain, however, should all the above fail, then your next action should be to contact a professional pressure washing service.

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