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Professional Power Washing Service

There are many stains at home that can’t be removed with detergent and warm water, usually the dirt in the patio and decks is bound too tightly to the surface that you can’t clean it with traditional methods. If this scenario sounds familiar to you, then you should hire a power washing service company.

Pressure washing machines have many uses for cleaning parking areas, graffiti, it is great for removing grease and oil stains in your garage and driveway, and it is also great for cleaning your deck and patio. If you want to clean your wood deck, put special attention on how you use your pressure washing machine because a misuse can ruin your wood deck. This is because most homeowners rent the machine, but they don’t really know how to use it. If this is your case, before ruining your deck, contact a professional power washing service.

If you are planning to clean the deck with a pressure washing machine, make sure you follow these professional recommendations:

  • For soft wood, make sure the pressure is never over 600 psi, and for hard wood, it should be between 1200-1500 psi.
  • Start using the lowest pressure as possible while it is effective
  • As a rule of thumb, never get the machine more than 12″ close to the wood deck, unless you are working with low pressure.
  • To try the effectiveness, clean a corner of the deck, and after a couple of minutes, compare the clean corner to the rest of the deck.
  • Work from the house outward

One of the main disadvantages of using a power washing service to clean your deck is the raised wood fibers. The only effective way to remove the raised wood fibers is using sandpaper, make sure you don’t use too fine grit paper.

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